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Receiving Messages From Buyers

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Zump is a new property network, empowering owners to freely explore interest in their property without the hassle and finality of actually putting it on the market. To do this we let owners and buyers talk directly instead of using agents. Once you publish your property profile on Zump buyers will be able to see your property and, if they’re interested, send you a chat request.

1. Message Requests

When a verified buyer is interested in your property and they want to find out more they will send you a message request. We’ll send you a push and email to let you know. It’s up to you to accept or reject this request. When you accept the message a private chat room will be created between you and the potential buyers so you can discuss the property. You are not committing to anything by accepting a request, just starting a conversation.

Zump Homes Chat

2. Review Buyers Profile

Before you accept a message request you can review a buyer's profile. You can see their budget, moving timeline, short bio, and if they are mortgage approved or a cash buyer.

3. Accepting message

If the buyer's profile matches your expectations accept the message request. You can end the chat at any time.

4. Chatting with buyers

Buyers and owners almost never get a chance to interact directly so they will be eager to find out what you love about your house, what the areas like, why you're looking to move and if there’s any other information not included in your property profile. This is also your chance to judge if a buyer is a good fit for your home, you know it best after all. Here’s our community guidelines and ask us if you have any questions.

Here are some key topics to cover:

  • Establish exact timelines for the buyer's move and if they are in a chain

  • Check their budget matches your valuation

  • Answer their questions about the property as thoroughly as possible

We would recommend you get an updated valuation if you haven’t already so you can be confident in the amount you're asking for.

4. Deciding to Sell

On Zump you can sell for free, so if you're happy to proceed with the buyer you can begin the process with your Zump assistant to help you with anything you need. We are always available to help you at every step of the sale and can recommend top conveyancers and mortgage advisors to make sure you get all the help you need. You can chat with us in-app or email us on if you have any questions.

Zumps Seller Profile

If you decide to handle this yourself the first step will be a viewing which we cover in the next article.


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