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Buyer & Seller communication

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Everything you need to know about communicating with buyers and owners on Zump.

What happens after you message a property you’re interested in:

Your step by step guide to contacting homeowners on Zump.

1. Messaging owners

You've found a property and sent a message request to the owners. They will receive a message request notification and email, along with a follow up reminder email in case they miss the first one. Once they see your message request they’ll review your profile before accepting so make sure your profile is fully completed and looking great.

2. Communicating with owners

When the owner accepts your message request you’ll be able to talk directly with the property owner from the app. You can establish if/when the owner is thinking about selling. If the price fits your budget. Understand if the owner will be instructing an agent or taking care of the sale themselves and book a viewing. If you need help, assistance, or advice at any point you can get in touch with us.

3. Buying your next home

Once you've seen the property, agreed a timeline and negotiated an agreeable price, you'll need to prepare for the legal work.

You'll need a solicitor to deal with the contracts and home surveys to get everything sorted before your move. We work with the best solicitors in the city and it’s always good to get organised early so get in touch now to get a free quote.

You’ll also need to ensure your mortgage is organised and you are in a position to buy the property. Our mortgage partners search the entire market to get the best deal for you, so get in touch now for a free consultation to make sure you are in the best position possible.

What happens when someone messages you about your property:

Your step by step guide to communicating with Buyers.

1. Receiving Messages

Once you claim your property and create your property profile, other verified Zump users will be able to send you message requests if they’re interested. We never share your exact address or location with anyone and you’re in complete control the whole time. Before accepting their request you can review their profile to find out a little more about them.

2. Communicating with buyers

Accepting a message is in no way committing to anything. You're free to explore interest in your home and chat with the buyers but can also end the conversation at any point. We would recommend establishing when the buyer is thinking about moving, what their budget is, if they already have a mortgage or are a cash buyer and if they are involved in a chain. Hopefully, their buyer profile will provide much of this useful information for you.

3. Selling your home

If you're happy to proceed with the buyer you can either choose to instruct an agent to take care of the sales process, or take care of it yourself. You can contact us at any step for guidance and we only work with top rated Agency partners. If you need help understanding whether or not you are getting the best offer you can then we can help with that too by providing you with a non biassed property valuation, or connecting you with a local expert who can help with the negotiations between you and the buyer.

Best practices for communicating between buyers and owners:

Be respectful

A person's home, or their search for a home is a really important thing in peoples lives. It’s important to make sure that you are respectful at all times. This is the foundation of any first approach from buyer to owner and it sets the tone for what could be a long process.

Be honest

There is no greater value than honesty when buying or selling property, and the truth always comes out in the end. There is no point in lying about the strength of your buying or selling position, over stating features of a property, or trying to hide things you know may not be right to hide. A huge amount of time and money is wasted each year through dishonesty and poor practices around the buying and selling process. So, be honest with yourself and others and face any issues head on.

Be proactive

Securing your dream home or a great buyer is amazing. But it can be quickly taken away through a lack of proactivity to get things done. We always recommend putting yourself in the strongest position from the start by getting as much of the basics completed as possible. But together with upfront proactivity, there are a lot of moving parts and many people involved in a property transaction. Your solicitor should advise on what needs to be done and it’s important you are proactive when tasks come in. If you’re uncomfortable with taking on the negotiation and sales progression for your home then Zump works with the absolute best and highest rated estate agents in the city who have won multiple awards for their incredible service. You can connect with one of Zump’s agent partners here and they would be delighted to assist.


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