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Conducting your own viewings

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Conducting self viewings has become increasingly popular as more estate agencies move online. Zump Customer Support is always on hand if you would like help conducting a viewing. Just click the “Zump assistant” button in the app

Prepare the property

Make sure you give your home a good clean and clear any clutter away so the buyers can picture themselves living there and aren’t distracted by unnecessary items.

If you’re still living in the property, try to make sure there aren’t too many other people around at the property when the viewings are to be carried out.

Before the viewings, open the windows for a few minutes and air the property out. If it’s cold outside, make sure you do this early enough that the house has time to warm up again before anyone arrives.

You may want to read this article about how you can add value to your home with repairs and maintenance.

Carrying out the viewing

Have a plan for the viewing, create a room order to show people, and even do a practice run through. Most people will pick the best room in the house as this gives a good impression then finish up in that same room.

Most people will want to look around in peace so when showing your potential buyers round try not to talk too much and give them some space. Do mention any stand out features you like though.

Make time for the viewers’ questions

Interested buyers will usually have several questions afterwards. Try and take your time to answer them and make sure you’re aware of basic information about the property and local area such as the council tax band, average utility bills and any local schools, colleges or amenities that may be of interest.

Once the viewing is complete, you can continue communicating to the buyer within the Zump app, where they may wish for more information, a second viewing, or to make an offer!

If you need any assistance you can chat with us in-app or email us on


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