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Messaging Homeowners on Zump

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Once you’ve found a property you like you can message the owners directly to talk about their property, request a viewing and make offers.

Message Requests & Profile’s

When you tap the message, a request will be sent to the owners to accept. They can review your buyer profile before they accept it, so make sure this is up to date. Add a short description about yourself, a highlight, and a picture, and add your moving timeline and budget to really help yourself stand out.

Chatting with owners

Once your message is accepted you’ll be able to chat directly with the owners. You can ask them questions about the house, the area, and why they’re looking to move.

Key topics to cover early:

  • Their exact timeline for moving

  • The value they’re looking for

Always remember you’re speaking directly to the property owners and not an estate agent so responses may not be immediate. For best results make sure you’re respectful, honest and proactive.

If everything looks good and you're both happy with timelines and price the next step is to organise a viewing.

Zump Messaging
Zump Messaging

Once you're happy the property is a match it's time to organise a viewing, which we cover in the next blog.


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