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Moving home

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Now that you’ve exchanged contracts it’s time to get ready to move. The seller legally owns the home until completion day but may vacate earlier.

Getting set for your move

Book A Moving Company

As soon as you have a completion date you should start looking for removal companies and gathering quotes. These are often booked well in advance so as soon as you find one you're happy with, book it in.

Contact Utility Providers

Give these providers as much notice as possible as they can take 28 days. On the final day take metre readings of your property and the property you're buying.

You’ll also want to start looking at providers for your new home so you don’t have to wait for things like wi-fi.

Clear The Clutter

Moving is the perfect opportunity to have a clear out of everything you no longer need. Clothes, electronics and furniture can all be dropped off at a charity shop and means you aren’t packing and storing things you no longer need.

Pack and label boxes

The moving day will be very stressful so take time before to make sure everything is carefully packed and everything that’s fragile is properly secured. Be detailed with the labelling so you know exactly what’s in each box. This will save you a lot of time at the other end. Make sure you have a moving day survival kit for essentials like charges, tea & coffee and kettle.

Know your new home

Ask the sellers where all the important things are in your new home and do the same for the people moving into your property. You’ll want to know where the following are:

  • Stopcock (valve for controlling the mains water supply)

  • Instructions for appliances

  • Gas and electricity metres

  • Thermostat

  • Fuse box

Tell people your moving

Make sure you tell people your moving to avoid missed mail and and settle all outstanding bills and council tax. Here’s a list of key places to contact.

  • GP

  • Dental surgery

  • Schools

  • Workplace

  • Banks

  • Insurance companies

  • Pension and credit card companies

  • The council

  • Electoral roll

  • TV Licensing

  • DVLA

  • National insurance

  • Subscription services such as the gym and Netflix

  • Friends and family

It’s also advisable to set up Royal Mail redirection service. This costs £33.99 for three months, £47.99 for six months or £68.99 for a year. Concessions are available if you’re on benefits. It takes a minimum five working days to process an application and you can apply to redirect your mail six months before or after your moving date.

Deep Clean And Unpacking

If possible try to book cleaners to arrive ahead of your removal company but if you're doing it yourself go room by room before you unpack each one.

Living in your new home

Once you’re unpacking you’ll want to order essentials that you're missing e.g. white goods and you may want to have the locks changed and keys cut so you can control who has access.


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