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Organise a viewing

Once you've messaged the owner and know the property is a good match for you it's time to organise a viewing.

It’s best to give the owners at least three dates to choose from and send a confirmation message on the day to remind them. Viewings are great opportunities to get a feel for the area as well as the property so arrive early to explore a little and get a feel for the neighbourhood.

What to look out for

There’s a lot to think about during a viewing so here is a quick checklist of things to look out for.

  1. Damp. Keep an eye out for dampness. Does it smell damp? Are there watermarked walls or ceilings or flaky plaster?

  2. Roof. How old is the roof, has it had any work done recently? Ask these questions and take a look at it if the tiles and guttering looks tired this is a cost you need to take into consideration.

  3. Windows. Is there condensation on the windows? If the window has condensation inside the glass this shows the window is blown and could indicate poor insulation. If the frames are cracked and rotten then they will need to be replaced at some point too.

  4. Area. Location is very important when looking for a house. Does it have good schools, transport links, parks, and green space? Look for the nearest shop, restaurant and of course a decent pub. Has it got a good sense of community? Always look at the crime rate. It’s always good to drive around and get a feel of the area.

  5. Which way does the house face? A south facing garden will get a lot more sun than north facing. Don’t be shy to get a compass out. You can easily download apps on your phone.

  6. Potential. Could you boost the value of the property? See if you can add an extension or a roof conversion. If it is a listed building it can be very difficult to make changes to the property so always check this first.

  7. Condition. Assess the general condition of the house. Look out for worn carpets, cracked walls, tired floorboards, and skirting. Make sure you understand how much work the property needs so you can assess your finances.

  8. What is included. See what the owners are willing to leave. Are they taking all the white goods, cooker and curtains? If there is a wood burner will they leave this?

Once you've viewed the property and you're happy with it you can make an offer through Zump.


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