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Deciding What Kind Of Property You Need

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Key things to consider:

  • The areas you would like to live in

  • The budget

  • If you want a house, a flat, or another property type

  • How many bedrooms you need

  • If you need a home office space

  • If you need outside space

  • If you need your own parking space

  • If you need to be near good schools

  • If you need to be near public transport links

  • Room sizes

  • How much redecoration or renovation you can do

Location, Location, Location

What kind of area do you want to be in? Do you need to be near good schools, or right in the heart of the city for an easy commute? Most areas will have unique neighborhoods each offering a unique lifestyle and atmosphere. Here's a breakdown of Bristol's.

  • Clifton: Known for its elegance, Clifton offers picturesque Georgian architecture. It's a popular choice for those seeking a luxurious, well-established neighbourhood.

  • Bedminster: This area has seen significant regeneration in recent years. Making it an attractive option for those looking for a more affordable urban setting.

  • Redland and Bishopston: These neighbourhoods are known for their family-friendly atmosphere. You will find excellent schools, and a mix of Victorian and Edwardian homes. Ideal for families and professionals alike.

  • Stokes Croft: Perfect for the artsy and creative crowd. Stokes Croft is known for its cultural diversity, street art, and trendy cafes.

  • Southville: Southville offers a unique blend of Victorian houses and a thriving arts scene. Making it a hotspot for young professionals and families.

Bristol Suspension Bridge
Bristol Suspension Bridge

Type of House

Location and budget play a crucial role in determining what kind of property you want to buy. City centres will be dominated by apartments while some nearby areas will have more terraced houses or townhouses and, to find the perfect detached house may require looking further afield.

Victoria Park View
Victoria Park View

Bedrooms and Future Potential

The number of bedrooms in a property is a crucial factor. This can impact your current and future living arrangements. Consider the following:

  • Current Needs: Evaluate your immediate needs. How many bedrooms do you need for your household members.

  • Future Plans: Think about your future plans. Are you planning to expand your family? Or create dedicated spaces like a home gym or office? A property with the potential to add more bedrooms can be a valuable investment.

  • Loft Conversion: Many Bristol properties offer the possibility of a loft conversion. This can increase the property's value and versatility. So if you need more space in the future consider a home where you can add that space rather than moving again.

Schools: Catchment Areas and Ofsted Ratings

For families, the quality of local schools is a vital consideration. On Zump you can find a wide range of schools to choose from. Our school profiles allow you to find the information you need to make an informed choice. Such as:

  • Ofsted Ratings. Check the Ofsted ratings for schools in your preferred areas to gauge their quality and performance. Highly-rated schools often contribute to a desirable neighbourhood and can influence property values.

  • Catchment Areas: Each school in Bristol has defined catchment areas. These areas determine which children are given priority admission to the school. Zump has easy to use heatmaps that show you the catchment area for each school. You can then look for a property within those boundaries.

Outdoor Space

Bristol's mild climate makes outdoor living a desirable option. Consider the outdoor space available with the property:

  • Garden: A garden can be a tranquil oasis, perfect for outdoor dining, or simply enjoying the fresh air. Properties with well-maintained gardens or larger outdoor spaces are often sought after.

  • Balcony or Terrace: Some properties in Bristol come with balconies or terraces. Providing a space to enjoy the outdoors without the maintenance of a full garden.

  • Proximity to Parks: If the property itself doesn't offer outdoor space, consider its proximity to parks. Areas where you can enjoy nature and recreational activities.

Victoria Park Bristol
Victoria Park Bristol

In conclusion, when buying a property involves careful consideration. Think of your preferred area. What type of house that suits your lifestyle? How many bedrooms you need now and in the future?


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