What is a property profile

A property profile is your way to stay connected to the market. See how many people are interested in your home and connect with interested buyers without committing to a move. Find inspiration for your home, share ideas and stay informed on market news.

Create your own property network so, if you're buying, selling, or improving your home you'll always have the the right connection to make it quick, easy and cost effective.

Why create a property profile

Finding your next home is always hard, and right now historically low stock levels have made it worse than ever. It’s so bad that many homeowners haven't listed their home because they can’t find their next one.

But let’s be selflessly selfish for a minute. You are not alone in this predicament, if you’re not on the market because you can’t find the right home then millions of others are also holding back. That’s millions of potential opportunities that you can’t see or access.

However, if you, and others like you, create and share your own profile, the market changes dramatically. From one so completely starved of supply that people are afraid to list their houses for fear of becoming homeless, to one where there are potentially millions of dream homes available.

Allowing everyone to constantly keep track of what’s happening in the market and who’s interested in their property will give you, and millions of people, more opportunities to find their next home.

Why it’s time for a change

We live in a world connected by profiles. Social, dating, and professional profiles, give people the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals, showcase the exciting things they’ve been up to and explore new opportunities.

But when it comes to your property you become disconnected from the market as soon as you complete the purchase. Homeowners are essentially their own islands, separated and hidden until you need to sell.

There is no way of tracking, receiving, and storing interest and no way of easily connecting with potential buyers or professionals without the full commitment of an on market sales process. Essentially, you’re either on or off market. There is no in between.

Introducing your personal property network

A property network allows you to claim your own little piece of the world and place your flag in it. Shoe what you're interested in and connect to homeowners, buyers, and professionals.

Bringing millions of interested sellers to the surface will help bridge the gap between on and off market, creating a huge opportunity for people to find their next home.

Just like your social and professional profiles, your property profile gives you the platform to showcase your home’s best features, keeps you connected, and helps you stay up to date on market trends and opportunities.

This creates a completely new marketplace where instead of 8m people searching from just 300,000 on market properties, you have 8m people searching from and connecting with 16m potential opportunities.

You don’t delete your Linkedin account just because you’ve found a job. You keep connecting, exploring and cultivating your professional profile to grow your network so, when the time is right you’re in the strongest possible position. This should be no different when it comes to your most valuable asset and one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make.