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Property Valuations

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Once you claim your home on Zump we’ll provide a property estimate based on the information you provide and market conditions, however this is just a guide and is no replacement for a real valuation. You can have a virtual valuation on Zump, you just need to upload images of your home and a description. The more photos you add the more accurate the valuation.

Whether you are planning to buy, sell, refinance, or even just curious about the current market value of your property, a professional property valuation is an essential step in making informed decisions.

Accurate Pricing for Sellers

For homeowners looking to sell their property, setting the right price is paramount. Overpricing can lead to prolonged market exposure and potential buyers losing interest. On the other hand, underpricing could mean missing out on maximising your property's value.

A property valuation provides an unbiased, objective assessment of your property's worth based on various factors such as location, condition, comparable sales, and current market trends. This helps sellers set a competitive and fair price that attracts potential buyers and increases the chances of a successful sale.


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