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How to utilise space in your children's bedrooms

Children's bedrooms are normally blackholes of toys, games, and clothes. In this article, we are going to show you some ideas to utilise the space you have and to help your children keep their space clean.

Space saving bed area

Let’s start with the giant elephant in the room, the bed. If you’re short on space this is one area that can really make a difference. Rather than a traditional bed, you can get a little creative. A cabin bed is a bunk bed without a bed underneath. Freeing up all that unused space underneath for additional activities

Not only do they create an extra play area but also double up as storage.

Something like this that is available at little folks' furniture is a great way to utilise space.

Toy organising boxes

If you’ve ever trodden on a piece of lego barefoot then you’ll understand how difficult it is sometimes being a parent. Teaching children how to put their toys away is not an easy task so set yourself up for success with easy to use containers.

These look great, create the storage you need and let your child customise them how they like.

These are Available on Etsy but it is something you create easily yourself. By gathering a few boxes together and drawing on the items they can put inside on the front you have your very own storage boxes. You could even let the kids draw on the front and decide what goes where!

Shelves but get creative

Shelves are a great way to display books, toys, and all those little trinkets that children collect. In your children's room you get to have a bit more fun with the decorations so why not get creative with them and turn the mundane into something glorious.

Here is some inspiration for you, some could be easily made at home, others you might test your DIY skills a bit more… ​​

And while trying to test your DIY skills do you think you could create a fun book shelf like below?

A children's bedroom is a space where you can have a little fun. By creating a space for them to play and organising easy boxes they can reach and put things away you may find that your living room becomes a living room again and not a lego dodging nightmare.


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