Zump for owners

For too many owners, the process of selling, sorting a mortgage and finding the best services is full of hassle, heavy commitment and confusion.

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Zump empowers owners with the ability to digitally claim their home and create a profile for it. Giving them their own Property HQ with everything and everyone they need in one place.

With a property profile you can easily test the market and receive interest from verified buyers before going through the hassle and commitment of putting your home up for sale.


Track when your property and areas are in demand and find the best time to sell for more.


Chat directly with buyers in the app, receive offers and sell for free, or use one of our award winning agent partners to take care of everything.


Selling, finding a mortgage or improving your home is complicated, frustrating and full of failure.


Zump partners with fantastic local professionals, unrivalled in their expert knowledge, customers ratings and quality of service.


So, you know that whether it’s an award winning estate agent, top rated conveyancer, amazing interior designer, or any of the many other Zump partners, you will be getting the absolute best service trusted by thousands of people.