Zump for buyers

For too many buyers, the process of searching for a home is full of frustration, disappointment and lack of choice.

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Zump gives buyers more opportunity to find the right home, putting the entire Bristol property market in your pocket. That’s 455,000 properties at your fingertips.

Putting the entire Bristol property market in your pocket means that on Zump, you not only get to search homes already for sale on Rightmove and Zoopla, but you also get to access a completely new marketplace full of owners thinking about selling.


Giving you more properties to search from and allowing you to find and connect with homes before they even get put on the market.


Transform the way you find and connect with properties using powerful search features.


School catchment heat maps help parents find homes in their preferred catchment areas, off market search helps you find more properties when you can’t find what you want on the market and property boundaries allow you to find those bigger plots with more potential and space.


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