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Why Zump is changing

Taking the lessons of the last 4 years, and the feedback of 100’s of amazing people who have experienced the frustrations and limitations of the current property industry, Zump is now releasing its new update. 


When speaking to buyers, owners, and sellers, the same 3 problems seem to come up every time:

1. Too many people can’t find the right property

2. Owners don’t want to commit to selling until they find what they're looking for.

3. Buying and selling is a terrible experience.

So how is Zump helping? 

Fixing an outdated industry 

We want to bring an old school property market into the 21st century by creating a marketplace founded on trust & transparency, to give you a better way to buy and sell your home, in which: 

  • Homeowners can create a property listing in less than 2 minutes

  • Buyers and sellers can chat directly in a safe and secure environment 

  • Motivated buyers have more homes to search from and access to powerful search features

Premium Subscriptions

To do this Zump is launching premium subscriptions where verified buyers pay a subscription to connect with homeowners interested in selling. 

1. Give motivated buyers an edge

Homes you won’t find anywhere else. Access before anyone else. 


2. More homes to search from

Create an easy, hassle free way for homeowners to list their own property and test the market. 


3. Reduce the cost of selling

Save £000’s in estate agent fees by selling your home for free

4. Making sure we can continue our journey 

Until now, Zump hasn’t charged for any feature or service. These things come at a cost but we wanted to keep it free for as long as possible, so we can learn as much as possible. To keep growing, and to be able to pay our amazing team, we have settled on a pricing plan that allows us to continue, and that we believe will change the industry for the better.

Very clever app. Helped me easily look at what school catchment areas the houses I was looking for were in. I didn't even know this was possible! 


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