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Zump Features

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Zump is a mobile app and to access these features you must open the app on your mobile or tablet.

Property profile

Our vision is for every owner to have a profile for their home. With a profile, you can stay connected to the property market and explore interest in your home at your own pace, without the hassle and commitment of being on the market.

Key features

  • Set your selling status

  • Receive interest from buyers

  • Capture your home's journey in your own feed

  • See how many people are looking at your property

  • Know how popular your area and house type are

  • Free digital valuations

  • Find professionals for all your property needs

Property finder

We want to give buyers more opportunity to find homes they love in the streets and areas they want to live. You can explore and connect with homes shared on the market with owners and partner agents. Or easily express your interest in any of the 27 million off-market homes in the UK. We'll contact the owners on your behalf to let them know you're interested.

Key features

  • See every property boundary

  • Every school catchment heatmap

  • View school's academic results

  • Off-market data on every property

  • View owner shared profiles

  • Message owner shared properties

  • Contact any home in the UK

  • Find off market matches (BS postcodes only)

Property professionals

Zump is the place for all things property and no one knows more about the ins and outs of owning a home than the Pro's. Whatever your property needs, we will have a local expert for you. From selling and moving to mortgages and insurance to plumbers and electricians. Easily find and contact professionals in the Pro's area.

Key features

  • Search professionals

  • See previous work

  • View ratings

  • Contact professional

  • Chat in-app (coming soon)

  • Follow Pro's (coming soon)

Social Feed

The Zump social feed is your place to share ideas, find inspiration and ask questions about all things property. Owners, buyers, and professionals can all post here. When everyone is connected in one network we can create more opportunity for everyone.

Key features

  • Post links, images & videos

  • Templates to ask questions

  • Like & comment on posts

  • Follow homes & Pros (coming soon)

  • Tag people in relevant and interesting posts (coming soon)

  • Share posts with friends and family (coming soon)

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