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Zump Features

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Zump has some amazing features: find out how popular your home is, contact any property, see every school catchment, see every property boundary, and receive offers before you commit to a sale. Find out what you can do with Zump.

Property profile

Our vision is for every owner to have a profile for their home. With a profile, you can stay connected to the property market and explore interest in your home at your own pace, without the hassle and commitment of being on the market.

Key features

  • Set your selling status

  • Receive interest from verified buyers

  • Capture your home's journey in your own feed

  • See how many people are looking at your property

  • Know how popular your area and house type are

  • Free digital valuations

  • Find professionals for all your property needs

  • Sell for free


  • We will never show your exact address to anyone

  • You are not committed to selling your home when you create a profile

  • You can accept or decline any interest at any point

  • You can instruct an agent if you decide to sell

Property finder

We want to give buyers more opportunity to find homes they love in the streets and areas they want to live. With Zump you can contact any property in the UK. You can explore and connect with homes market by owners. Or easily express your interest in any of the 27 million off-market homes in the UK. We'll contact the owners on your behalf to let them know you're interested.

Key features


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