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Update 1.4: Whats new at Zump

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

We've just released our latest update packed with features, fixes and improvements. Here are some of our favourite things to look out for in the new update.

Bristol's property market in your pocket

For too many buyers, the process of searching for a home is full of frustration, disappointment and lack of choice.

Zump gives buyers more opportunity to find the right home, putting the entire Bristol property market in your pocket. That’s 455,000 properties at your fingertips.

Putting the entire Bristol property market in your pocket means that on Zump, you not only get to search homes already for sale on Rightmove and Zoopla, but you also get to access a completely new marketplace full of owners thinking about selling. Giving you more opportunity to find homes in the areas you love.

Digital Valuations

With today's property market moving so quickly it's important to always know how much your home is worth. Which is why we've created a new valuation tool.

Why get a valuation:

  • if you've added a new feature or redecorated and want to see what difference it's made

  • check the impacts of local developments

  • Stay informed about changes to the property market

Chat directly with users

In the lastest update you can now chat with verified buyers in-app, receive offers and sell for free, or work with an award winning agent who will look after everything for you.

  • Buyer and owners can quickly contact each other to see if they're a potential match

  • Send and receive offers

  • Go direct and sell for free or use one of award winning partner agents

Zump partners

We want give you an easy way to find the best in the business. So we've partnered with fantastic local professionals, unrivalled in their expert knowledge, customer ratings and quality of service.

So you know that whether it’s an award winning estate agent, top rated conveyancer, amazing interior designer, or any of the other many Zump partners, you will be getting the absolute best service, trusted by thousands of people.


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