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What is a Zump?

With Zump you can contact any home in the UK to let the owners know you're interested in their property. We call these expressions of interest Zumps. Zumps can take different forms depending on whether the property is off market, or an owner shared property.

Off market properties

There are 27 million homes in the UK and only a tiny fraction are on the market, the rest are off market. However just because they aren't actively selling doesn't mean they won't be interested. A reported 42% of owners are thinking of moving but haven't quite made the leap for various reasons. Your Zump might be just the push they were waiting for.

On the map you can tap on any property to see the profile, grey pins mean they are off market. If you like the home press Zump on the profile and we will send a letter to the owners to see if they are interested in selling. They can respond by phone, email, through the website or app.

If they do respond our property advisor will be in touch with both parties to organise the next steps. If they don't we will send a follow up letter after two weeks to make sure they are aware of your interest.

You can track the progress of your sent Zumps in the Zumps area of your profile.

Owner / Agent Properties

There are hundreds of homes shared by owners and agents on Zump marked with red pins. Explore their profiles and Zump any that you're interested in.

When you Zump a shared property we will send them a notification letting them know you are interested.

They can view your profile in-app and either accept or decline your interest. You will be notified either way and ifthey accept a property advisor will organise next steps with both parties.

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