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Property Information Questionnaire or TA6 form.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The TA6 Property Information Form is designed to give the buyer important information on the property you’re selling.

The form has various sections, each addressing areas of the property, including boundaries and access, alterations and modifications made, and insurance and utility providers. You can download the form here. Generally, your solicitors will help you with most of the form.

How to approach the form:

Gather Essential Documentation

Assemble pertinent documents, including planning permissions, warranties, and certificates related to alterations and installations.

Be Thorough

Don’t rush through the form, complete the TA6 form meticulously, ensuring accuracy.

Offer Comprehensive Responses

Address each question comprehensively, even if the query seems irrelevant. If certain questions are not applicable, indicate so rather than leaving them unanswered and say if you don’t know.

Prioritise Transparency

Disclose all pertinent details, including potential drawbacks or issues. Any failure to disclose all the information means the buyer could be due compensation or refuse to complete the purchase.

Consult Professionals if Needed

When confronted with legal or technical queries, consider seeking advice from professionals like solicitors or surveyors.

Review and Validate

Meticulously review the information provided, guaranteeing its precision.


Completing the Property Information Form (TA6) is not a quick task but it is vital for the smooth sale of your property.

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