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Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Congratulations on making it this far, you're on the final stretch to completing the admin needed to sell your home. Here we’ll go through the certificates and other documents you’ll need to complete your sale.

Certificates needed

Fensa certificate for doors and windows

If you’ve had your windows or doors replaced you’ll need to provide this certificate that confirms the installer complied with building regulations and that they have been registered with your local council. You can search for these on FENSA or

Gas Safety

While not a legal requirement it’s recommended that you have gas appliances regularly checked for your own safety. If you have your boiler serviced you will have an up to date certificate.

Electrical Checks

You need an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) to sell your home if you’ve extended or altered the wiring in your home since 2005. This proves that works done were inline with building regulations.

You’ll need to provide the Buildings Regulations Compliance Certificate and the EIC or a minor Electrical Installation Works certificate.

If you’re missing this you can check your local authority website for a downloadable copy or go to the NICEEIC website. Alternatively, you can ask a qualified electrician to check the works and give you an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

Planning Permission

If you’ve made significant changes to your property (e.g. renovations or extensions) you would need to prove that you had consent and approvals. planning permission. You will need to provide copies of the planning permission, building regulations approvals and completion certificates.

If you don’t have these you can apply for them retrospectively from your local authority.

Other Forms

TA10: Fixtures and contents

You’ll need to fill out this form which states what’s included and excluded in the sale. It’s an exhaustive form that covers everything from the boiler and appliances to carpets and cupboards. This form is legally binding and you could be fined if you later take things that much be included.

You can download these forms and a sample from here.

TA7: for Leasehold properties

If your property is a leasehold you’ll need to fill out the TA7 form which covers the basic information included in the leasehold. It covers service charges, ground rent, the buildings insurance policy and details of the management company.

You can download it from here

While there's a lot to get through it’s important not to rush through these and be careful and methodical to make sure your sale is a smooth process. If you need any help you can chat with us in-app or email us on if you have any questions.


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