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Meet the Pro's: Sprouts of Bristol

Sprouts of Bristol is an independent plant shop based in Kingsdown, Bristol hosting a fantastic assortment of greenery in all shapes and sizes. If you're looking for some plants for your home they're celebrating their second Birthday this weekend with some brilliant offers! Head over to their site and join the Sprouts club to get involved.

Who are Sprouts

Jessy started formulating the idea in August 2020 with some ciders in the garden.

"Having always had an interest in plants and having many around the house, the various lockdowns of 2020 saw my house plant collection flourish, and so the idea for Sprouts seemed like a no brainer - although saying that it was initially going to be a plant shop/gig venue/record shop/coffee shop/brunch stop/deli, so we did have to narrow our ambitions slightly"

"Originally we operated out of our spare bedroom, with orders coming in through the website and us hand-delivering them ourselves at the weekends, whilst still both working full time. On the 1st of October 2021 we opened Sprouts HQ in Kingsdown"

"Now operating completely from our new shop (there is considerably less soil in our house which is great), we have extended our range to include plants, pots, soil, seeds, homewares and gifts"

Why Bristol?

"We love being an independent business and supporting other indies, with over 50 other small businesses that we stock or have worked with. Where possible we try to work with local, UK, and sustainable businesses. It’s fantastic to be part of Bristol’s flourishing indie community!"

More than just a shop

Sprouts is more than just a brilliant selection of plants, they also offer a range of services to help them thrive.


"Our back room also doubles up as a workshop space, hosting a range of crafty workshops to bring people together as part of the community."

Home consultaions

If you're struggling to keep your plants alive. Or you're not sure what will survive in a particular spot? Or just looking for inspiration and help turning your plant free abode into a lush jungle paradise? Sprouts can help.


Bring any plants that have outgrown their homes for repotting. They'll make sure your plant thrives. You just need to bring along the plant and the pot you’d like it to be re-potted into or buy one while you're there.

Birthday weekend

Sprouts are celebrating their 2nd Birthday this weekend with some brilliant deals. Just head to their website and join the Sprouts club on their website to get involved.

Some Bday treats:

  • Double spout points on all sales (100 points = £1 redeemable in vouchers)

  • Grab yourself a free plant when you spend £30

  • Come to the plant swap on Sunday the 2nd of October

  • Treasure hunt



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