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How Zump helps buyers and owners

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Anyone that’s been house hunting knows there are issues with the current housing market. You scroll through the same properties on Rightmove day after day. Most aren’t what you’re looking for, some tick all the boxes but most are too expensive, and the few which are perfect have so much competition that you can’t even book a viewing before it’s sold. It all stems from a lack of supply in the housing market.

This limited supply leaves buyers unable to find what they want on the market. It deters them from continuing their search and listing their own property for sale, a trend which has become self-reinforcing and is getting worse.

Zump for owners

We want to change the way the market works by giving owners the freedom to explore opportunity in their homes at any time. With a property profile owners can indicate if they're open to offers and receive interest from buyers before they go through the hassle of putting their home on the market. Track when your property and areas are in demand and find inspiration on how to improve your home.

If an owner decides it’s time to sell, they can either deal directly with the buyers and sell for free or hire one of our agent partners to deal with the process.

Zump for buyers

We want to give buyers more opportunity to find the right home. On Zump buyers can find and connect with homes shared by owners or contact any of the 27 million homes that aren’t on the market.

Using our app buyers can explore the streets and areas where they want to live by using the in-app tools and data to find houses that fit their requirements. When you find a property you like, Zump it and we will contact the homeowner for you. Find out more about our search features here.

Why Use Zump

There will obviously always be the need for quality traditional estate agents and property portals, but we believe that some of the problems in the industry have remained unresolved for far too long. Providing a different solution and more choice is the natural evolution in an industry that has remained relatively unchanged for over 20 years.

Not enough housing stock on portals for buyers and too many barriers for owners to enter the market passively, including the hassle of listing with an agent, has led to a bottleneck of buyers not becoming sellers because they can’t find what they want.

Our mission is to help more people find and create homes they love.


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