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How to Plan a Remodel

Investing in your home can be overwhelming but a well planned and executed renovation adds value to your property and makes it more pleasurable to live there. So, we’ve created some steps you can take when considering a remodel or renovation to help reduce the stress and keep you on a budget.

It’s important to know that prices are currently rising on materials and products which is affecting the affordability of certain jobs. So it can be a bit of a shock when you receive quotes for certain work.

1st build a detailed plan

Write down everything you want to do in the house and place it in order of most to least important. Add in your goals for the space you are redesigning/renovating and an outline of the work that will need to be done. Calculate the DIY steps and steps that will require a professional and try to make some rough sketches for them to follow.

At this stage you also need to check planning permissions such as permits and regulations. If you are doing a large renovation such as a garage conversion it is likely you will need a permit.

2nd set a project budget

Let the fun begin. Planning your budget needs to include a number of things, not just what you have to spend.

You’ll need to calculate the cost of your permit, building materials, labour costs, decorations and cosmetic touches. Most builders will give you a quote for building materials and labour but the rest is for you to decide. We have a number of contractors, builders, plumbers etc on Zump so ask a few of them for quotes so you can choose the best one for your project.

When planning your budget try and set aside 10% of your budget for unexpected costs. Sometimes these things take longer or you dig something up and there is an unwanted surprise waiting for you! It’s better to be safe and have the extra money to one side.

3rd step is to hire the builders

You’ve been on Zump, compared your quotes, now’s it’s time to pick your favourite builder. I know it is tempting but sometimes price isn’t the only reason to choose someone.

Look at their reviews and previous work

  • Years of experience

  • Their contracting licence

  • Certificate of insurance

  • And their payment schedule.

Most reputable builders won’t ask you to pay upfront and it is advised that you don’t do this. Make sure you discuss payment terms before committing to your contractor.

If you are hiring multiple contractors, determine who is in charge before the project begins to avoid confusion later.

4th build a timeline

Pick your desired start date or completion date with your builders. You should be able to sit down and discuss how long each part will take and what order they’ll need to complete the work in. If you need to be done by a certain date make sure you calculate time to clean and decorate. It's best to leave some wiggle room in case the project takes longer than expected too.

5th and final step is to pack up and be prepared

So, your plan is prepped and construction is about to begin! For some projects you may need to be out of the house for the whole project so find somewhere you can stay and get packing.

Make sure anything that stays in the house is well protected so it doesn’t get covered in dust or broken.

Otherwise, if you are looking to update your kitchen look to make a temporary cooking space somewhere so you can eat and clean your dishes etc.

Some Final Tips for your Home Renovation

Don’t be afraid to quiz your contractor.

You are paying them to do the work they should be willing to help you with budget, schedule, materials and other contractors for work they can’t do for example a plumber or electrician.

Stick to your plans a builder may suggest some easier, quicker or cheaper ways to do things but it’s your home so make sure you are happy with the work they are doing.

Plan for problems

Even if your plan is down to the very last detail things can still go wrong, such is life ey! Be prepared for delays and issues and set aside a chunk of time and money to fall back on!


Plan for it. Get a skip or register for the dump! If you live in Bristol you now have to book in cars and register vans so be prepared to do this if necessary.

Complete structural projects first

A new roof or electrics is far more important than replacing a scruffy bathroom so be practical.

Well there you go this is our 5 step plan to try and help you plan for your next home improvement project. For any work on your property you can ask questions on Zump, find Pro’s and get inspiration.

We are always happy to help so please don’t hesitate to contact us by email, phone or chat to us in Zump.


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