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How to get the best pictures for your property profile

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Adding property pictures is the best way to get more people to view your profile and will result in more informed buyers messaging you. The more photos you add the more likely an interested buyer will message. If you don't want to take advantage of our free photo package offer you can still create a stunning property profile on Zump. Follow these tips to show off your home using just your phone camera.

Set the Stage

Before you start your shoot you need to set the stage. You don’t need images of every area in your house, focus on the key rooms and features.

Spend some time clearing away any clutter on surfaces and make sure everything in view is clean. Stage the room with flowers or fruit bowls if you like. But remember less is more so don’t go overboard.

Arrange the furniture and make sure any props are clearly displayed. Flowers, fruit bowls, and books can help images stand out by adding a splash of colour to a room. Less is more with these features and it's easy to go overboard so only add them when you think they’re really relevant.


Getting the right light can make or break any photo. Filling a room with natural light makes it feel warm and welcoming so open all the curtains, doors, and windows you can. Mix natural light with some of your artificial lights to give rooms even more warmth.

Don’t rely purely on artificial lights as they will never show the room to its full potential. Rooms will look dark and the colours will be different depending on what kind of bulbs you’re using.

TURN OFF FLASH. Your flash will never be able to light an entire room and will distort the colours in the room.


Finding the best angle can be tricky and you’ll want to try out a few to see what works best for your space.

Take low shots. When your camera is lower to the ground you can see more of the room. A full floor to ceiling image will show the true scale of the room even if you can’t see the entire area.

Generally, you’ll want to shoot straight without tipping the camera up or down. Tilting the camera will distort the image while shooting straight will keep all your images sharp.

Never shoot shiny or reflective services straight on to avoid catching yourself in the reflection. Accidentally appearing in your photos is always a risk and distracts from the lovely image you’re presenting.


Make sure to give any special features the attention they deserve. Fireplaces, windows, flooring, staircases, whatever it is that you love about your property make sure you show it. If you love it, the chances are that others will too.

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