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How to create a work from home space you’ll love

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

For many of us our makeshift home offices have been lacking functionality. Making us all feel a little…

Most people, thinking it would only be for a short while, just set up on any flat surface, kitchens and coffee tables being the most popular. But as work from home continued to be the new normal these temporary solutions became increasingly permanent.

So, we have put together a few tips to help you transform your WFH space into a . Be it a spare room, a little nook or the garden shed.

Finding space

Firstly take a look at your home and find the spaces that could be used more efficiently. These don’t have to be spare rooms, look for any spare space in larger rooms.

If you need privacy curtains or room dividers can provide a flexible solution, giving the the feeling of privacy but can also be removed at the end of the day.

Let there be light!

A well lit room is essential. Lighting can make all the difference when it comes to boosting creativity. Try to ensure you have plenty of natural daylight, ideally facing a window. Mirrors opposite windows are a great way to reflect light making the room feel bigger and brighter.

Inspiring Decor

Offices have dull colour pallets, horrible carpets, and generally, a joyless sensory landscape. But, at home you can control the work environment.

Adding plants, art and personal all play their part in keeping you inspired and engaged. In fact studies have shown productivity can increase by over 30% when workers choose their own environment.

Add a splash of colour to your work space by either painting a wall or adding decorations. Light colours like blues can help calm the mind. Brighter colours help spark creativity.

Work outside

If you have a garden shed or outdoor room consider converting this into a workspace. Outdoor offices give us the sense of going to work. It helps to separate us from home life and holds fewer distractions.

Studies suggest that working closer to nature can make us happier and healthier. Even being able to see your garden can help reduce anger, stress and exhaustion.

Stand up

Working at a standing desk or high counter can help you to focus and stay energised. There are also health benefits as it helps limit the risk of back pain from hunching over your laptop/computer.

Pack it up and put it away!

When working at home it can be hard to know when the work day ends. If you’re trying to relax but you can see your work space and all the things still to be done it can be hard to switch off. Have a dedicated draw or basket to hide your work from view and create an end of the day ritual.


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