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How can you connect your home with nature?

Nature is very important and vital in keeping us emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy. Bringing elements of the outdoors into your home could benefit your overall well being, so today we want to show you how to incorporate aspects of nature in your home in some interesting and fun ways.

Bring in some greenery

Ahh house plants. They are so wonderful and they purify the air! Put a few potted plants on shelves, a nice big one on the floor in the corner, some hanging from the ceiling! Wherever you can. If you’re like me and you find caring for plants isn’t your forte then you can read this article and hopefully your plants won’t suffer the consequences of your actions.

Herb garden

Like the above but smaller and cute and smells delightful!

Add in some wire mesh to the side of your fridge or a small wall and hang little baskets of herbs off of it! You could just have little pots in the kitchen, a mini greenhouse on your side or even have the hanging form the ceiling above your kitchen island. However you want them, it is your house after all.

Use natural materials

Natural materials can be a lovely way to help make your home feel more like nature. Stone can be used in many different ways, as can wood or cork.

You can add in natural baskets, wool or fibre rugs. Natural materials typically last longer and are better defending against everyday wear and tear.

Create views

When you are renovating your home, think of ways to add in more natural light and a view of the outdoors. You could also make a window seat so you can enjoy the views you already have. Creating a view doesn’t just have to be through a window or door; you could have paintings, photographs or other artwork.

There are so many different ways to add nature in your home! We have lots of Pro’s on Zump that could help you too! Sprouts of Bristol are featured on the app and could help you with all your plant needs. We also have numerous builders and contractors that could help with your renovations and give you ideas on how to incorporate more natural light into your home.

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