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Claim your own personal palace giveaway

It’s prize time at Zump! To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee we will be giving away £500 to one lucky Zump user to make their weekend that much more regal.

It’s already going to be a lavish time, sun shining,a host of local festivities to choose from and of course… a four day weekend! There's only one thing that could make it even more magical...... £500 extra in your bank account.

How to enter

To enter the prize draw all you need to do is claim your own personal palace on Zump and add three photos of your home. It takes less than a minute and the winning property profile will be chosen at random on the 2nd of June. You must of course be the owner of the property in question.

Here’s a short video showing how to claim your property on Zump.

What claiming your property means

Just like your social and professional profiles, your property profile gives you the opportunity to showcase your home’s best features, whilst keeping you up to date on market trends and opportunities. Think of it as a Linkedin for your home.

You can show your status, receive interest from buyers, contact professionals for all your property needs and access unique insights about your home. You can move the pin away from your home which also hides the exact address (we will just show the street and postcode) or completely hide your profile at anytime (but it must be shared to win the competition).

Zump is a completely free network, the only costs are decided between you and any professionals you decide to use. You can choose to accept or decline any interest you receive but you never know when the perfect opportunity might come along.


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