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Bristol Area Guide - Clifton

Clifton is a charming area of Bristol bordered by the River Avon. Home to beautiful views, lovely cafes, restaurants, and classic architecture. It is an exclusive suburb of Bristol and where the city started!


Clifton has some of Bristol's most elegant Victorian and Georgian architecture. You’ll find a mix of traditional Victorian terraces, like the famous coloured houses you can see near the suspension bridge, flats, maisonettes, and apartment complexes.

With all this culture and beauty comes a higher price tag with homes averaging £883,427 for a terrace property, £410,222 for a flat, and an impressive £1,417,867 for a semi-detached house. This is a staggering £530,000 over the Bristol average. But these prices are clearly worth it with nearly 250 homes sold in Clifton in the last year.

Overall, sold prices were up 10% on the previous year and 19% up on the 2019 peak of £485,823.

Things to do

That higher price tag comes with some stunning views, the beautiful downs, the amazing Avon Gorge, and of course the world-famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.

However, it's not just beautiful to look at, it is also a lively place to live with great places for shopping, especially the Clifton Arcade which hosts brilliant independents. It can also go toe to toe with the rest of Bristol for quality restaurants Bosco Pizzeria, Nutmeg, and Clifton sausage (to name a few) who serve freshly prepared food sourced from local suppliers.

You can enjoy looking at beautiful views while having a drink in the White Lion pub, enjoy a range of ciders at The Coronation Tap or have a cocktail in Her Majesty’s Secret Service (a favourite of ours).

Clifton has a lot of offers from an arcade that opened in 1878 to The Zoo that has been open for 186 years! Sadly the Zoo will be closing in September so be sure to visit it while you still can.


As you would expect Clifton has an envious choice of schools, although most of them are private. Clifton high school, Clifton College, Queen Elizabeth, and Bristol Grammer are all in the area. Christchurch primary is one of the few state schools in the area and is rated outstanding by OFSTED.

Head to Zump to see full school reports and the catchment area for each school too.

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