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Appointing a solicitor or conveyancer

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Once your offer is accepted, you can appoint a solicitor to handle conveyancing; (the legal process of passing ownership of a property from one person to another). The sooner in the process you do this, the more time you save and the quicker you can move in.

Why you must appoint a solicitor or conveyancer

Here’s a list of all the aspects of the sale your solicitor or conveyancer will cover:

  • Draw up contracts

  • Initiate searches which include, local authority, drainage and water, and environmental to find problems (if any) with the property

  • Raising inquiries with the other solicitors

  • Exchanging and negotiating contracts with the sellers solicitor

  • Transferring documents such as the title deed to your name

  • Financial transactions, including the transfer of funds, payment of taxes, and registration of the property in your name

How to choose Legal Representation

It’s easy to get a quote online, or simply speak to our award winning Solicitor Partners who can also provide you with a quote, and manage the entire process. Prices for legal representation can be between £800 -£1,800 and are normally paid out of the sale proceeds.


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