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2021’s most popular home improvements to continue in 2022

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

2021 was the year of renovations. We all had to spend more time at home. While some were lucky enough to get their dream move, most of us had to make do with the space we had. Here we look at some of the best lockdown tactics for home improvements that we should continue in 2022.


Kitchens became a big priority. In the beginning, we were all baking banana bread and starting our own sourdough. Spending more time in this space made a lot of us feel it might need updating.

Converting from closed to open shelves is a great way to do this. It opens up the space while keeping the same storage capacity and lets you easily personalise your kitchen.

Adding a fresh coat of paint always gives a room a new lease of life and when space is the main objective there’s only one winner. White paint reflects light, makes walls recede, and increases the sense of space.

Experimental cooking was one of the most popular lockdown activities and indoor herb gardens were all the rage and keeping them alive was even more challenging.

If you were looking for more simple ways to add colour we found lots of people opted for new LED lights. Easy to install and lets you change the entire theme of your kitchen at the click of a button.


Parents especially found their bathrooms to be their safe haven. The one door they can lock and get some space. So, there was no surprise that bathrooms had a major makeover and became private spa-like sanctuaries.

While adding candles, plants and a new bath tray goes a long way to improving any bathroom some people went more structural.

Free standing bathtubs may just be a fad but they look fancy and add some serious luxury. Rain showers were another popular way to create the home spa feel.

Others opted for the full wet room transformation, making the most of the space by adding walk-in showers and free standing bathtubs. They look excellent and can really make the most out of small spaces but they aren’t for everyone. You can read more about wet rooms and if they’re a good idea here.

Working from home

For some, working from home is the new normal, and creating a suitable workspace became necessary.

Some people added room dividers or curtains to close off areas in their open plan rooms. Others crafted small nooks in the kitchen or living rooms, taking over a section.

However, the most popular option (for those that have one) was to convert the spare bedroom into a multifunctional area. Already a private space from the rest of the house, it can be easily converted into an office by simply adding a desk, file organiser, and a comfy chair.

For more tips on how to create your perfect work from home space click here.

The great outdoors

Our outside has become just as important as the inside. While it’s tempting to just enjoy the space as it is there’s so much potential to unlock with some simple changes.

Gallery walls were used to great effect to get closer to nature. Using raised beds or fences to hang various plants and flowers to create your own feature mosaic. These living vertical walls can be particularly effective in small gardens and balconies, covering ugly bricks or railings.

Hanging baskets on the rails of your balcony can achieve this same effect. It creates a lovely environment for you and helps to make your balcony more private.

Adding a mirror to the end can make the space feel larger and add additional light.

For balconies or small gardens, folding tables and chairs were used to create awesome multi-use areas. This flexible furniture meant you could convert your perfect brunch spot into a yoga sanctuary in seconds.

Larger gardens

Large gardens became the must have feature of 2021. As people wanted to spend as much time in their gardens as possible it was important to add features suitable for all conditions.

Patios and decking became essential to bathe in the sunshine and create permanent seating areas that you could enjoy around the clock. By adding fairy lights, lanterns, and fire pits people ensured they could enjoy the space morning, noon, and night.

Sheds and summer houses were once again sought after for the additional space they provided. Essentially you had an extra room you could do almost anything with from the humble tool shed to a new spare bedroom. The most creative summer house we saw was converted into a full blown cinema.....

2021 was a true test of people's ingenuity and in this list, we've tried to highlight some of our personal favourite ways that people improved their home. If you're looking to improve your home check out Zumps pro area. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best local property professionals. From plumbers to solicitors we will find the best ones for you.


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