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10 reasons to buy a house in Bristol

Bristol is a lovely place to live, and it would be very difficult to give just one reason why, so we’ve decided to give you ten. Believe us, that took restraint.

1. Beautiful outdoor spaces and viewpoints

When the sun is shining, Bristol has plenty of green spaces for you to enjoy. From the famous College Green to Victoria or Eastville Park. If you don’t mind walking up one of Bristol’s many hills you can enjoy the view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge from The Downs or The Observatory.

2. Food

Foodies will be in their element in Bristol as there is so much on offer. For breakfast or lunch, you can enjoy one of the many fresh bakeries in town. Head to North Street and Gloucester Road to find a host of independent cafe's and coffee shops. For dinner, choose from between hundreds of quality independent restaurants, providing every cuisine imaginable.

3. Drink

After dinner (or before) you can wander to one of the many craft beer bars. Kings Street is a bustling hive of bars and pubs with loads of space outside space, perfect for a pint with your pals. If you are after some iconic South West cinder The Apple is a converted barge right on the river. There are even a few hidden speakeasies for something a little more extravagant.

4. Music and Festivals

There is a huge music scene in Bristol, from rock bars to reggae nights, the city has something for everyone. The city also hosts some spectacular festivals such as The Downs al and Love Saves the Day. Or you could be lucky enough to see one of your favorite artists show at The Exchange. There is something for everyone to boogie to.

5. Sports

Bristol is a sporty city hosting two major football teams, Rovers or City is the big question. Don’t worry if you don’t like football there is always Bristol Bears, our high flying Rugby team. But if you want to get involved there are many loads of local Cricket teams, tennis courts, volleyball areas, and the cycle paths span the whole city. Even a Quidditch team plays competitively on The Downs. When it comes to sports, Bristol is the perfect place to buy a home.

6. Theatre

The Old Vic is the oldest continuously running theatre in England. Here you can enjoy shows while submersing yourself in with British history in one of the most beautiful playhouses in the country. Bristol has many of other venues such as the Hippodrome which o offers shows ranging from the Lion King to Bristol’s own Russell Howard stand-up shows.

7. Art

Bristol is a hub of art and culture. Walk around the city anywhere in Bristol and you will see some beautiful wall art ???/ graffiti, especially during upfest. The Arnolfini is Bristol’s home of Contemporary Arts and hosts some amazing displays including. The M Shed, Bristol Photo Festival, and Banksy! Need we say more.

8. The Waterfront

You can’t beat the view of the waterfront in Bristol, especially when you add to that Whopping Wharf's bustling food, music, bars, and restaurants. Take full advantage of the boat cruises or go paddle boarding during sunset to take it all in. Once you live in Bristol it's hard to imagine not experiencing it all the time.

9. Markets & Shopping

When you need to shop Bristol offers plenty of places to choose from. Huge shopping malls like Cribbs Causeway and Cabot Circus have every shop you can imagine in a lovely setting. Or go to the brilliant independent shops and lovely markets at St Nicks and The Tobacco Factory.

10. Atmosphere & Community

It is hard to pick a favorite thing about Bristol. It has so much to offer that entices people to visit, but the people who live here are the reason many decide to stay. From the fierce support for independent businesses to the amazing charity work, Bristol’s community is a beautiful thing to be a part of. During Covid, Bristol bonded together to look after each other and now, more than ever, they will continue to do the same.

So, there it is, our top ten reasons to live in Bristol. If you're looking at houses check out our buying guide for some helpful pointers.

We would love to know what your reason is for living here.


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