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A new property marketplace

Ever wondered why it’s so difficult finding the right home on Rightmove or Zoopla? 

Currently, less than 1% of Bristol‘s 455,000 properties are for sale on the portals. That’s just 1.7k homes being searched by tens of thousands of house hunters. No wonder it‘s so difficult.

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But with 50% of homeowners unsatisfied with their home and thinking about moving, why haven’t more decided to sell? 

For most people, selling a home is too much hassle and requires too much commitment. And with so few properties to search from, leaves owners unable to find what they’re looking for and unwilling to commit until they do. So, it’s unsurprising that over 50% of owners end up staying where they are for 5 years longer than intended.

We’re here to change that by creating a new, more open and connected marketplace. Your own Bristol based social community for property. 

Zump gives owners the easiest way available to test the market, without needing to commit to putting their home up for sale. And buyers get the entire Bristol property market in their pocket to search from.


That’s 455,000 properties at your fingertips. Search from every property already on the Rightmove/Zoopla, homes claimed by registered Zump owners thinking about selling and every other property you see.

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