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Become a Zump Champion

We’re on a mission to transform an old school industry full of frustration, a lack of transparency, and hefty fees. We set out to create a solution that puts you back in control, keeps more money in your pocket, and still gives you all the support you need. 
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The role

As a Zump Champion, the role will simply involve either speaking to people you know, or local communities and networks to spread awareness about Zump's mission.


Perfect for parents who want to earn some extra income in between busy family life and jobs, or anyone who has previously experienced the pain of finding, buying, and selling a home. 


We’ll provide you with merch, flyers and anything else you need, all you need to do is get chatting. Whether that’s to friends, family, colleagues, members of communities or groups you're in.

Financial incentives and rewards will be given for the following

Download The App

Zump is free to download! Share your unique invite link to get friends, family, and network to download the app and get paid everytime someone does.

Subscribe To Premium

Encourage people to go Premium. You’ll get paid every time a user who was introduced via your unique invite link goes premium. A Premium subscription is great for people who want to supercharge their search for the perfect home with access to properties and advanced features you can’t find anywhere else.

Create a property profile

It’s free to sell your home on Zump! Whether people are thinking about selling, open to offers, or ready to sell, encourage them to claim their address on Zump and create a profile for their home. You’ll get paid every time someone creates a profile for their property. They’ll get everything they need to sell for free, without the hassle, pressure and cost of putting their home up for sale with an estate agent. You can think of it like a dating profile for your home.

Become a champion

Enquire about becoming a champion. We’ll get in touch and talk you through the details and financial rewards. Enter your details to get started!

Thanks for submitting!

Very clever app. Helped me easily look at what school catchment areas the houses I was looking for were in. I didn't even know this was possible! 


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