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About Zump

For too many people, finding, selling and improving their home is complicated, frustrating and full of failure. We’re here to change that…

Zump is your digital property HQ. Putting the entire Bristol property market in your pocket, along with everyone and everything you need to find, sell and create a home you love.

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A lack of properties for sale makes it too difficult to find the right home. Hassle and heavy commitment of putting your home up for sale means millions of homeowners don’t bother.

Zump helps more homeowners explore interest in their home by giving them an easy way to test the market without needing to put their home up for sale. Removing barriers and allowing owners to explore interest in their home, chat with verified buyers, receive offers and sell for free, or work with one of our award winning agent partners.

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Zump partners with fantastic local professionals, unrivalled in their expert knowledge, customer ratings and quality of service. So you know that whether it’s an award winning estate agent, top rated conveyancer, amazing interior designer, or any of the other many Zump partners, you will be getting the absolute best service, trusted by thousands of people.

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Stay connected to insights and opportunities for your home

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Access more opportunities to find your next home

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Find the best local property professionals for you

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